Existential Research

So, what am I doing as a full-time existential researcher?

Well, the more important question is who is the ‘I’ that is doing anything?

And thus my research begins.  I am doing an independent study program as a full time existential researcher.  What does that mean? Well, I have a ton of suggested books, experiences, videos and places to visit and I am collecting a lot of data on myself.

I started by trying to understand the terms I am using, specifically what is existentialism?.

Existentialism Relationships

My approach is not to tackle subjects of existence (e.g. death, love, self, enlightenment, etc), but to approach the world through research and understanding of different perspectives (e.g. week one’s “awareness-detachment-observation” perspective or week two’s “mysticism-astrology-shamanism” perspective.

Think of it as trying on different sunglasses to help you see the world.

Lenses 2

I’ve created a sheet to gather all of my data.


You can check out my curriculum, the folks who are helping me out (who said it was okay to be mentioned) and my general philosophy.

Stay tuned and enjoy (or not).

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