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I think I discovered a part of my life’s purpose tonight….

13 Nov

There are but a few times in your life that such beautiful insight and guidance comes along.  Tonight was one of those nights.

Growing up, when the question was asked, “What do you want to do when you grow up,” I’d reply, “Be an Olympian… and an amazing wife and badass mom.”  Because – that was real; I really wanted to be a great mom and wife.

But what about professionally, and creatively? What, outside of the mom and wife, do I want to do?  Well, tonight, after years of searching and subsequent months of stillness and patience, I think I know:

I want to build magical spaces for people.

That’s it.  Ahh… a little clarity of self.  Such a nice, and relieving feeling.

A few other things that have become clear:

1) I want to work with great people with incredible integrity

2) I want to feel good about my work, and that it builds a world and a personal body of work that I believe in.

3) I want more cohesion, professionally, amongst myself and other people who seek truth and understanding.  I believe it is possible that you don’t have to play “the game” in life, but it starts by disillusioned, non-game-players getting together and creating a new and different game. Note: one way I’d like to do this is by giving a portion of any company I start to “people who’s body of work I believe, and who are fearless in their honesty and pursuit of their truth” (whatever that means).  It also means doing business with these people, and it means doing business to connect these people.



“Do you have the patience to wait till your mud settles and your water is clear? Can you remain unmoving till the right action arises by itself?”

30 Jun

Tao Te Ching on Stillness, Effort, Patience

Vipassana Meditation

9 Jun

On May 7th, I embarked no a 10-day Vipassana.

This includes all day meditation sittings with no talking, no reading, no writing, no exercise, 4a wake up bells.

Below are my notes:

Vipassana Notes Page 1 Vipassana Notes Page 2 Vipassana Notes Page 3