Curriculum In Beta

The curriculum is built to provide basic direction, but leave room to allow my natural, unfolding interests to guide me as new, not-previously-known information comes to light.  Currently, I will spend 6hrs/day, 5days/week of mental focus and work on the week’s objective, yet the perspective which I adapt for that week will remain core to all-things-life, at all times.

The independent study will last 30ish days.


Week 0

How’d I get here and what is ‘Existentialism’

To prepare for the 30day-ish research, I hope to create both a snapshot of where I am and how I got here, and also to understand, in depth, the history and current applied understandings and players in the works and theories of existentialism.

See previous readings, tasks, activities and week zero curriculum details here.


Week 1


During this week, I will live in constant analysis of life attempting the deepest level of awareness of my thoughts, feelings, and physical sensations and how they are affected by outside factors (food, presence of another, sleep, water, etc.).  With this awareness, I will practice a detached, observer based relationship with the sensations, feelings or thoughts, as opposed to reacting to any of them.

Relating to this aware, detached state, I want to research and understand the origins, core beliefs and modern state of Buddhism.

See readings, movies, tasks, activities and week one curriculum details here.



Week 2


Week 3


Week 4

Applied Existential Reality

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