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“However much you work, that’s how much you need to rest.” – Kripalu catalog

7 Jan

From Lara Setrakian’s 2018 New Year’s email.

“Being under-rested makes everything harder.” – Terry Fralich

7 Jan

From Lara Setrakian’s 2-18 New Year’s email.   The mom in me needs to hear this a lot.

Week 2 Recap // Aware Reflections

22 Jun

The week was tough.  Here are some of the things I became aware of:

  1. WEEKENDS:Weekends are more difficult for me to gather and input data into My Daily Chart.
  2. SLEEP: I have not been able to sleep well the last three nights.  Like, last night I was up until 7a.  This is either due to the Zpack, taking up coffee again (even the slightest amount), the summer solstice, stress, who knows?
  3. SUPPLEMENTS: I have been taking vitamins and supplements almost daily and am going to start tracking that.  I think it is likely having an impact on me, and I’d like to be trying to understand that impact.
  4. TEMPERATURE:  I honestly have no idea if my thermometer is even detailed enough to be capturing the data I want. :-/  Also, I am not consistent about the time of day when I take my temperature.  I don’t know if it is always supposed to be a certain amount of time after you wake up, or a specific hour during the day.  I guess I should look into that (bolding to remind myself).
  5. HYDRATION: It is hard to keep track of exactly how much water I am drinking, but I am very conscientious of it, and am fairly certain I am hitting my mark.
  6. DREAMING:  I’d like to start tracking my dreams as well.
  7. SOCIAL: This week I have been feeling pretty social.
  8. BODY IMAGE: I feel like my butt is turning into a “mom’s butt”.  So.. I am kicking back into gear with butt and ab excercises.
  9. SKIN: I had some blackheads on my chin.  Seemed like more than usual.  Could it be the increase in animal fats and proteins (my husband makes amazing chicken, and I am never going to be able to give up meat.  It’s usually organic though).
  10. HEALTH:  I am still on the recovery from this terrible system shut down I had. Lots of mucus, pressure, little bot of coughing.  I have a feeling my health would be better if I had a regular supplement routine and did a netti pot once a week.  Can I actually commit to that stuff?
  11. HOUSE: Woa – how do people stay on top of house work.  I am not working full time and I feel like all I do is cook, eat, clean, cook eat, clean and do laundry.  It is started to loose its “domesticated charm”.
  12. CAR: Arg.  I keep wanting to get on top of fixing my car, and it hasn’t happened yet.  In a way, I feel like I am living in the Tao.  Instead of doing anything, I am just present to what I want to do in the moment, and act on that.  Seemingly, it all works out. Maybe next week?
  13. MORE ON THE TAO: Also, on non-doing… I was sidelined all week with this sickness, and come Thursday night (when I could not sleep) and Friday, it is like my body just started taking care of the business that I was wanting to accomplish.  It did… just happen on its own.  Granted, there were a few emails that I would have liked to have responded to quicker and a few things I still have not done, but it was nice to feel my energy shift on its own (without me forcing it).
  14. OTHER: I started watching “My So-called Life” on hulu.  It is AWESOME.  I feel like I missed out on an entire teenage angst phase. :).  Also, I am recovering from an insecure phase.  More like, I am still in it, I am just having a lot of fun in it.  When people ask how I am doing, I say I have never been happier and I am going through a lot of pain with all the transitions in my life. Feels good to say that, and enjoy the experience of my “now.”
  15. PERSONAL:  I am having a hard time writing about some of the personal parts of my life that play into this journey, because I simply do not know what is appropriate.  Still trying to figure that out.