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What is up with the Early 30’s?

18 Jun

As a 32 year old, I feel like a lot of changes have come since I was 30, and are continuing to happen.  As I ask the healers, teachers and mystics I work with, and read the texts from old world religions, I cannot help but think that this “30-thing” is not just my imagination.

Here are some figures:

  • Buddha: Enlightened at 35 years old.
  • Jesus: Began his ministry at about 30 years old. (The Bible, Luke 3:23)
  • Angie (my tarot card reader): received her first set of cards at 33 years old.
  • Rachel (an intuitive and channeler): started channeling at 33.

More coming as things unfold.  Thoughts are warmly welcomed on this post!