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Woman Code: The Sex Ed Woman Should Have Had

29 Jan

“Few women understand how their bodies function,” couldn’t be a more accurate statement that Alissa Vitti reveals in her book, Woman Code, which I read a few months ago.  It contained knowledge about my gender, my physiology and my biology that was so basic, I could not believe that at 32 I was just now learning of such vital information.

The general thesis is that female hormones are out of balance because of our daily eating habits and our monthly unawareness of cyclical dispositions.

Woman Code, Alyssa Vitti, Women's Health

Woman Code

Woman Code

The book proposes that you can return to a healthier, happier, more fertile version of yourself by the following the WomanCode 5 Step Protocol:

  1. Stabilize your blood sugar
  2. Nurture your adrenals
  3. Support organs of elimination
  4. Cross-train you’re your menstral cycle
  5. Engage your feminine energy

This protocol addresses the endocrine (hormonal) system of our bodies.

“I believe that when women’s bodies don’t thrive, we fall out of sync with our lives – out of the zone of possibility, and away from our life’s purpose. And when we’re not healthy and happy, we lose our way.” (p.2)

“Consistently poor diet or lifestyle choices can set off a chain reaction, and if you don’t correct those choices, your endocrine system is forced to work in ways it shouldn’t.” (p. 19)

“Unstable blood sugar is the most important underlying cause behind hormonal problems.” (p. 64)

Dr. Vitti studied chronobiology “every system of the body has its own routine.” (p. 20) “There is a rhythm and a routine to how your body should work.”

There are a bunch of stats about how bad women’s health is in this country, p. 32.

More details to come in upcoming posts.  Highly recommended.


I’m becoming a woman again….

8 Sep

And it feels great, settling, secure.

Over the past year, I feel like I revisited my middle-school self. Falling in love with my husband, playing with him, giddy beyond control (otherwise known as “hyper”). I experienced neediness, drama, acting out, mood swings, middle-school-note-writing-circle-“yes”-if-you-like-me-love. It felt childlike and free. I loved it. I felt like myself, and that I got to live a version of myself that I had somehow missed back then.

And now, as I feel it will always be, we (my husband and I) are re-creating our relationship (or more so, allowing it to be re-created).

Perhaps the timing is great. We feel ready to start a family.

And so it ends. And so it begins.

Mys. Mrs. Natalie Craig