I’m becoming a woman again….

8 Sep

And it feels great, settling, secure.

Over the past year, I feel like I revisited my middle-school self. Falling in love with my husband, playing with him, giddy beyond control (otherwise known as “hyper”). I experienced neediness, drama, acting out, mood swings, middle-school-note-writing-circle-“yes”-if-you-like-me-love. It felt childlike and free. I loved it. I felt like myself, and that I got to live a version of myself that I had somehow missed back then.

And now, as I feel it will always be, we (my husband and I) are re-creating our relationship (or more so, allowing it to be re-created).

Perhaps the timing is great. We feel ready to start a family.

And so it ends. And so it begins.

Mys. Mrs. Natalie Craig

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