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23 Jun

Negative Affects of Coffee

One of the conclusions I am definitely drawing (and have been aware of for a while), is that I am highly affected by coffee.  It leaves me wondering, does coffee affect women in a different way than it affects men?  Certain blood types? Certain personalities?  Essentially, I know I am not the only one affected so intensely by coffee, and most others that share this with me are women.  I wonder if there is somethings there.  Below are my experiential notes:


  • Jittery
  • Shaky Hands
  • Anxiety
  • Impatience
  • Uncontrolled Intensity
  • Out of control, fast pace of thoughts
  • Difficulty being still
  • Difficulty listening for extended periods of time
  • Feels like I can’t stop talking when I know the time to stop talking has passed
  • Sometimes, increase heart rate and increase in the intensity of my heart beat
  • Dry skin
  • Dehydrating
  • Sometimes a crash after a few hours


  • Increase productivity (eh hem… like this post)
  • Sensual enjoyment of coffee’s aroma and taste
  • Emotional enjoyment of my associations of coffee with friends, my husband, my brothers.  I really enjoy the ritual of making it and drinking it.
  • Laxative and positive digestive affects
  • Appetite suppressant
  • Increase alertness

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