A New Approach // Iteration #1

12 Jun

Note to my readers:


As I have been conducting this existential research and following my “curriculum”, I have myself not enjoying the work. I’m constantly concerned about the reader (you); I should make my reports accurate and complete on your behalf, I should make the presentation nice, for your ease and understanding.

But, that is not what this was supposed to be about. I didn’t even know I would be blogging (and somehow having people follow my blog). I was getting lost; I found myself taking 3 days to essentially summarize a Wikipedia article on Buddhism – boring and completely unnecessary. Half of the stuff is not really of interest to me (or the only interesting thing is how it relates to my preconceptions or overlaps with other philosophies, etc).

The original intent was to actually understand words, terms, concepts, and beliefs that I casually throw around and excitedly (and often without understanding) associate myself or my experiences with. For example, how can I be an “existential researcher” without understanding what existentialism is and where it comes from? How can I say I resonate with Buddhism, if I don’t really know what it is? And thus my intent was a deeper understanding for myself, but I am getting caught up in the package of the information instead of the nuggets of gold that I hope to take with me for life.

Just a heads up that my future reports will be more inclusive of my reaction to information than copying a bunch of stuff from the internet.

Iteration #1 of many,

~ N

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